Passchendaele 1917 : The Story of the Fallen and Tyne Cot Cemetry

Frank Bostyn,Jan Van Der Fraenen

Passcendaele is a subject which has been repeatedly covered in the form of military analyses and personal accounts. However surprising little has been written about the tens of thousands of men who died in the battle. How was it possible that so many men were killed? How were they buried and how have they been remembered up to the present day at Tyne Cot Cemetery? These two fundamental research questions have resulted in a two part book, which is based on two innovative projects in the area of biographical research: The Passchendaele Archives and the Tyne Cot Cemetery Inventarisian Project.The Passchendaele book represents a unique memorial concept which sets out to restore faces to the names of those killed at Passchendaele.